The creative transformation

Stand strong in your sensitivity

I am an artist and, like the shaman, can I with my senses communicate with the energies around me and travel through time and space.

I was born sensitive and have since I was trained and certified Clairvoyant Medium Healer and mentor, rediscovered my clairvoyant abilities and found that I have always had spiritual experiences. Some very beautiful with fairy-like creatures and others more frightening.

But when I wasn’t met in my experiences as a child because the adults couldn’t really understand them, I shut down my abilities.

When I found them again, I could finally experience the beautiful world I had longed for.

My wish is that others too will find their way back to their true sensitive nature, filled with joy, creativity, and magical experiences.

Through recent years of studies in Feng Shui and astrology, I have invented my very own system and further developed the classic horoscope.

The Clairoscope as I call it, is the starting point for my readings and consists of several different elements taken from different wisdom systems around the world.

This means that I use my intuition to convey the messages you need to hear right now, with the help of the movement of the planets through the zodiac and oracle cards.

With a Clairoscope you will be able to rediscover your strengths, find your true center and stand by yourself exactly as you are.

I draw inspiration from, the universe of magic and fairytales. But always with a down-to-earth and useful starting point.

A Clairoscope is a method to get deeper into your personal stories.

I always pray that the messages and healing may come from the highest place to the highest good for all parties.

Read more about the Clairoscopes here

Try my Oracle Cards

Legend of Avantis is an oracle card deck I have created.

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Kirstine Nielsen

Cand. phil. Communication, Aalborg University

Examined and certified Clairvoyant Media Healer and Clairvoyant Counselor

Online Education in Family constellations and Systemic constellations (ISFO)

I am on a constant journey of knowledge seeking, which is why there always be new merits added

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