Regain your soul power…

Too many sensitive people have been given a lid on their inner fantasy world.

It is now time to remove the lid, let the imagination flourish and the dreams unfold.

I travel into the universe using the clairoscope* and help you rediscover your own soul power and stories of healing.

As a certified healer and medium, I communicate with the healing-energies through all of my senses. I channel these energies to the right place and in the right form, where they will be able to support your own inner self-healing.

We all know this effect of a jamming gramophone record. My job is to activate the energy, to skip this moment and let it continue to flow.

The effect of healing can be different from time to time and from person to person. I always pray that the healing that takes place, is coming from the highest place and in the highest good of all parties.

*A Clairoscope is a method to get deeper into your personal stories. Read more about it here.

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Kirstine Nielsen

Cand. phil. Communication

Clairvoyant Media Healer and Clairvoyant Supervisor by Judy Rasmussen

Angelhealer by Kurt Rasmussen

Crystal Healing by Tina Jensen

Certified Angel Card reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Online Education in Family constellations and Systemic constellations (ISFO)

I am on an constant journey of knowledge seeking, which is why there always be new merits added.