Do you feel lonely, alone and outside? These emotions are an illusion. You are not alone. You are connected with everything.

If you want to connect with the World Tree you can:
Find a tree that attracts your attention. It can be any tree. With a loving intention and a reverence to the tree, you now begin to examine the tree. Scent to the tree. Look at it. Notice the shape and patterns of the tree. Branches. Roots. Are there small caves or hiding places in the tree? Are there any special signs of the tree? How do the leaves look? Touch the tree. Feel the bark and leaves between your fingers. Use all your senses. Sit by the tree. Now start noticing what happens. What do you feel? What do you sense? What comes to you? You might get messages from the tree. Do you have a question – ask it to the tree and notice what happens. Notice all your sensory impressions. Something like itches behind your ear, a feeling in your feet or a thought that comes to you.
An agate protects you and brings confidence.
Hint: Buddha and Odin were among the masters who could see the tree in its entirety. Laughing Buddha brings joy, abundance and protection to your work. Place a small figure by the entrance to your house, rub him on the belly every time you walk past him and send him your desires for peace, prosperity and love.

To choose a card you must click at the card. Click and scroll to get your message.

You can use the symbols under the card to shuffle and get a new card.

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