Have confidence that your ideas will bear fruit and that passion will guide you.

If you want to connect with The Red Dragon, you can:
Hang photos of dragons or make a small exhibition with Dragons.
You can have a fire opal in your pocket, it helps you stay focused.
You can practice being brave.
You can try learning something new.
Tip: Red Dragon is like the sun. Daylight is essential for Almost All living creatures. Go outside and turn your face toward the sun. Breathe in the daylight and take on the strength. Feel how all your cells are vibrating. Imagine the light flowing through you, down into your feet and into the ground. So that you are rooted by the light.

To choose a card you must click at the card. Click and scroll to get your message.

You can use the symbols under the card to shuffle and get a new card.

Author: Kirstine Nielsen

Clairvoyant medie, formidler og kunstner.

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