Energy Communicator
Do you find that you are drained of energy when you have been to places with many people? 
Do you find that sometimes you have a clear ability to manifest whatever you want, while other times you seem to struggle? 
Do you sometimes experience body pain that you find difficult to explain?

Then you’re probably a medium like me.

I offer individual coaching sessions. You choose which and how many modules you need.

The first module costs 120,- euro. Afterwards the following modules costs 60,- euro. per module. 
One module = 2 hours

You can choose from: Clairvoyance, healing, mediumship, crystals and oracle cards. 
For me, oracle cards are like telephone tubes directly to heaven.

These modules can be done face-to-face, via Skype, Messenger or phone

Please send an email if you are interested.

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