Get a Clairoscope and gain insight into your karmic and spiritual strengths and challenges. Your love life and your emotional relationships. 

I offer a Natal Clairoscope, a Life-theme Clairoscope, a Here and Now Clairoscope and a Healing Clairoscope.

Natal Clairoscope

A Natal Clairoscope is your horoscope read with clairvoyance and maps. Little horoscopic tales from your time of birth.

I address your main themes as well as the questions: What is your life purpose, your spiritual journey and your greatest challenges?

I seek answers clairvoyant by tuning onto the planets and the other points that appear in your birth chart.

It is therefore not a horoscope, but a Clairoscope.

In addition to a private one-hour consultation (on Phone, Skype, Messenger or FaceTime), you’ll get your personal handwritten Clairoscope as PDF, as well as your birth chart.

Send me an email  with your date of birth, time, and location.

The price is 160,- euro

Life-theme Clairoscope

With a Life-theme Clairoscope, I’m using planets, oracle cards, and charms and a Clairoscope board (see picture and video) to gain insight into your main themes. I touch the topics of your love life, your purpose, your challenges, and your gifts and talents. In addition to a one-hour private consultation (on Phone, Skype, Messenger, or FaceTime) you’ll get a photo of your Clairoscope board as well as photos of the oracle cards drawn along the way.

The price is 80,- euro

Here and Now Clairoscope

A Here and Now Clairoscope, can give you an answer to a simple question. For example, if you are faced with having to make a big decision, I will tune in to the energies surrounding the decision and guide you in the best possible way. In addition to a private consultation (on Phone, Skype, Messenger or FaceTime) 20 minutes, you’ll get a photo of your Clairoscope board as well as photos of the oracle cards drawn along the way.

The price is DKK 25,- euro

Healing Clairoscope

With a healing Clairoscope, I put stones and crystals in a Clairoscope board to amplify the healing energies (see picture and video).

Once we’ve agreed on a time, I’ll tune in to you and send healing. Then you have the opportunity to contact me and receive feedback.

The price is 50,- euro.

(I also offer face-to-face consultations, and perform healing and massages. Please contact me for further information)

Healing and clairvoyance may not take the place of professional treatment, but I offer some kind of clarification that can help you further. I see it as a form of energy work where, in collaboration with you and your guides, I lift your energy.

Does that sound exciting? Please send an email

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